Airport Security

This mornings cattle call thru security,  took 45 minutes to get thru security. This is the line before we made it to the person who checked our tickets and id’s. Let’s hope this is the worse “traffic” we run into today. 


Recent paintings

a few paintings from clients portrait sessions.  Oil on canvas. Snow scenes are a sneak peek to what my Christmas special will be. Have a happy Easter

Crystal Gala

I have the pleasure each year to be on the committee for Emmanuel Cancer Foundation.

This year it was held at the Eagle Oaks Country Club In Farmingdale.  It was a great night that I attended with my good friend Annmarie.

A Silent Auction, raffles and a 50/50  along with great music made it a fun night. I love that this organization is a local charity, and we can help local families in NJ! 

" The story behind the Portrait"

I had the opportunity to photograph this couple the other day that came in with his wife of 25 years. as I was creating something special for the two of them , I got to hear their story. 
They met in Asbury park many years back while he was a bartender. They have been through hell and back together . I asked if I could create a portrait of him as I had something in mind. He said"I don't care to smile it's not me" of which I replied, "I do not want you to smile just be yourself." and he was authentic. while I was creating their portraits I was told of a time he was in a terrible motor cycle accident and almost died. the accident caused him to loose his one leg and a steel rod in the other, a collapsed lung, broken, nose , face among other serious injuries, which landed him in ICU then in bed for over a year not able to move. Now it is his turn to be her rock, as his wife is now preparing for lung surgery to remove cancer and he will now be by her side. I chose this portrait of the two of them because this is the sweetness and love they share in this journey of life.....

We're Back!

We're finally back from Las Vegas!  Our first time to Las Vegas was a great Experience.  We were the ultimate tourist lol.   We walked a million miles while roaming from casino to casino.  The Bellagio was a beautiful casino to stay at.  the Chihuly glass ceiling in the lobby was spectacular and there were displays in all the casinos we visited celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Also the fountain show at the Bellagio was amazing, we watched it from street level and then for a completely different experience we watched it from the top of the Eiffel tower across the street at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.  From Living Statues and gondola rides at the Venetian to Chocolate fountains and art work at the Bellagio or massive shopping experiences at Caesars, you could spend weeks there and not absorb it all.  Great excuse to go back lol.  Here are a few images from our trip below.

Business and fun Vegas Style

Spending some time with some great business people this week and having a little fun along the way. Our days are long in learning from 8am til 6pm and then it’s time to take in Vegas.... stay tuned for updates! 

Las Vegas!!!

Hooray we made it to Las Vegas.  70 degrees for the week forecasted.  Love the statues in the airport.  Tropicana then Bellagio for a few days.  Stay tuned for more photos and comments.  First Review: Tropicana lunch buffet is not what it should be.....lame


Home show

There is a home show for the next three day at Brookdale Community College in the arena. We have a booth here and It’s a Three day show, stop on by and say hello.



Painting the evening/days away

Working on a new sample for the studio.  This 60 inch wide portrait is almost done. Can’t wait to get it done and frame it after it dries.  This one I’m actually painting at the studio so come on by and check out my work in progress.  


close up of my oil painting. 


Chloe made out like a bandit this year for Christmas. Lots of toys and Gift certificates for her to enjoy.  The lead up to Christmas is always fun to behold, love this image of her waiting to meet the big guy on the Polar Express at the New Hope Ivy Land railroad just a few weeks back. I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New year. 



Lovely expecting couples recent portrait session.  Beautiful couple, Beautiful location, Beautiful portraits.  Waiting.......enough said.

Big leaf

We’re here at the farm in Pennsylvania, it’s a three hour and fourth minute trip one way and a completely different world up here.  There  is this tree here with leaves as big as her head it’s the biggest leaf I’ve ever seen.  


Pregnant in the park

Sneak peak behind the scenes of a beautiful couple getting ready to become parents in the next two weeks❤️ 

Theresa Artigas Portrait portrait.jpg

Bella-In remission since 2014

Meet Bella! 
We just did a portrait of her for the ECF Emmanuel Cancer Foundation (Wall NJ ) invitation for the Crystal Gala early 2018. She is also in remission since 2014!!!!! So happy to create her portrait!!  Don't forget to like our Facebook page

My newest painting in progress

My latest portrait painting while working with oils studying new techniques with master painter Darrell in beautiful Louisiana.... my soul is full with gratitude 🙏❤️👩🏼‍🎨🎨


The Ultimate Women’s Expo!

The woman’s expo is quickly coming to a close. Danielle got to meet Mario Lopez lol it was a great but long weekend