Having fun at Cowboys Red River Dance Hall

Now this is a dance hall, big oval dance floor with a bar in the middle and a country band playing on the far left wall along with a mechanical bull to ride yeehaa! 


Photographers in their natural habitat.

77 degrees here today in Texas with a slight breeze :)  having a great time at our seminar. In the middle of a lighting and posing class, Later today we're going  out for some authentic Texas BBQ



Yes after a 3 hour flight delay we finally made it to our hote hooray lol. The INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL & RESORTS is a beautiful place. Were here for a seminar , dueling piano bars and steak 👍 


Girl Scouts

Had the girl scouts over to the studio today so they can earn their photography badge.  Here's a sneak peek of Theresa showing the girls their images she took of them.  They were a lot of fun. 


Wall portraits are awesome

A little splash of color in your clothing can accentuate the design of your room.  Love the colors of their clothing in tis portrait and it looks awesome in a room like this.


Portrait Room Tour

Here is a little tour of our portrait room.  Lots of different backgrounds hanging from the ceiling, different colored floors, etc.  Check out the video for all of the details.


Rode and amphicar today.  Only 4000 were ever made, I've seen them on tv but never in person. Was a pretty smooth ride but I don't think you would survive the trip in choppy waters lol. 


Another portrait in its natural habitat

Love the way this portrait looks in this location.  It's the perfect size and color scheme for this location. Don't forget we have a goal of donating a quarter million dollars in services this year so if you know of a charity looking for gift auction items let us know click   Charitable  for an example of a few of the organizations we work with. 


Woof Woof Update

Here are some of our favorite portraits from out portrait session at the Brielle Dog Boutique.  Meryl & Karli were great doggie models (when they decided to stand still lol).  BDB is a great place to get your dog groomed by their great staff or you can wash them yourself in their elevated doggie baths.

Dog models

Just wrapped up a portrait session at Brielle Dog Boutique. Meryl & Karli were great models and ate every treat to get sneakily get to. 


Family Portrait Time

Just wrapped up creating a beautiful family portrait of a family of 8.  Here is just a brief moment from the session.  Cant wait till they see the portraits.


We have a goal to donate a quarter million dollars in services. So if you know of any charities/organizations that are having fund raisers and are in need of dona tions for their fund raisers & auctions please let us know.  Click on the donations  link for more info and to see some of the charities  we have worked with in the past.

Fireplace #2

The framed family portrait I posted yesterday had a darker frame and the family wore darker clothing.  Here is another adequately sized portrait but this one is much lighter both in clothing and framing and it is sized appropriately so it can properly compete with the darker opening of the fireplace.  


Decorating over a fire place

When picking the appropriate demension for your family portrait  (or any artwork) to go over a fire place it should be equal or greater than the opening of the fireplace.  Aside from the few times a fireplace is lit The fireplace is a large black space so whatever you display above it needs to balance or be greater than the fireplace or else it will overwhelm

the wall and distract from the art piece above it.


64 degrees!!!

Its 64 degrees today and it's going to be 35 degrees Saturday. So enjoy today and this beach portrait session. 12 days till spring!!!! 


Here are two separate videos created a few years apart of their individual Communion Portraits.  We were so happy to create these timeless portraits of them to be treasured for years to come.

Looking forward to warmer weather.

The warm weather last week tricked me into thinking the cold weather was over.  So to channel back the warm weather here is a slide show of an extended family portrait we created last summer.  

Big Hearts Little Hearts fund raiser

Attending the Big Hearts To Little Hearts 15th annual benefit for Pediatric Cardiac Research


The perfect way to celebrate your family is by creating a timeless family heirloom portrait which will be treasured for generations to come.