My Snake Story

I had bagged six bags of leaves. I missed the town pickup so the bags sat in my backyard for a while. So yesterday I threw the bags in the back of my suv to thake them to the dump. As I am driving I hear this noise behind me, I look behind me and I see this three foot snake slither from one bag to another. SNAKE!!!! instantly ran thru my head and I immediatly floored the car. Of course I got stuck behind some slow drivers lol which was bad enough but I could hear the snake move thru the bags as Im driving. If there was a sidewalk I could of jumped on to get around the slow pokes and get there faster I would have.

Soooooo I get to the dump and leap out of the car. I grab a stick and fling open the rear hatch half expecting the snake to jump out like some scene from a bad movie. Nuthin, so I pull out each bag looking for the snake but theres no sign of him. Then I have to rip open every bag and dump the leaves out. I assume that the snake is in one of the six bags so imagine the strees and adrenaline pumping thru me as I rip open each bag. Six bags later....No snake. I convince myself that he had to be in one of those bags that I dumped out. So now I'm driving with this nagging fear in the back of my head. Sooooooo I took the car to the local Mr. good lube cause it has a free vacuum. I flipped over every seat and vacummed out that car like the Pope was coming to visit and neeeded to borrow my car lol. No snake sighted Im safe: I have them change the oil without any issues then I ran the car thru the carwash and paid for the mats to be cleaned and the car vacuumed out (just to be sure). As I'm sitting on the bench watching them crawl thru out the car everythings fine............then all hell brocke loose. One guy opened the rear hatch and promptly pointed and screamed causing the two other guys to leap out of the car lmao. Next thing I know there is six guys running around my car screaming and yelling. Ahhhhh they found the snake. 10 minutes later with the help of about 8 people they finally manage to get the snake out. LMAO
needless to say I gave them a really nice tip