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About the Artist

     Theresa has always painting art as a child.  Although her chosen path has been creating fine portraits through the camera most of her life, her love of art has come to a new chapter in her life.  Theresa has studied with master artists to advacne her already talented eye to bring her love of painting and photography to a new pinnacle.  Learning the craft of various mediums and materials, combined with her artistic eye for lighting, will give you a unique and personal piece of art.

Consultation with the Artist

     An appointment is set to meet with Theresa and discuss the type of look and feel of the portrait.  Part of the creative process is color and tones of the clothing as well as the location,  and where it will compliment and adorn the walls of your home.  We start with the end in mind.  After careful planning, an appointment will be reserved to create your first step... creating your portrait by camera study.  

The process

     After your portrait is created by camera, an appointment to commission a painting is set.  At this time, a size is chosen and Theresa combines a variety of mediums from various materials.  The use of brushes, palette knife and the finest oils, your painting will then be varnished with museum quality materials and ready in approximately 8-12 weeks.

     Each step is a process and dry time in between stages is a process in itself as fine oils need time to dry and cure.  Once the varnish has been applied you will be called to your unveiling appointment.